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Thank you for visiting us during this exciting time, we are finally open for business and ready to start making waves in the community! 

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Jane & Ray Comics was founded in 2018 by partners Sara Jane and Michael Ray. The two met in College at Colorado State University, and their love for comic books immediately blossomed. They began collecting books from their local comic shop when they realized that they could not afford some of the awesome keys and first appearances that they loved in their childhood. Michael made it his goal to "create a comic business where even new collectors can find books to expand their collections".

With comic prices being hiked due to a never ending stream of movies and the rise of grading companies controlling the market, there is a need for affordable collecting. Through a team of dedicated buyers and a sophisticated online purchasing algorithm, Jane and Ray are able to find some of the best comics for the lowest prices, allowing them to sell them to you in the form of fun to open mystery boxes.


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